About us


Franklin Solutions, Inc. is a technical group specializing in fiber optic cable processing and equipment manufacturing. Established in 2011, our staff members have over 40 years of fiber optic cable process and equipment manufacturing experience. During their careers, they have worked for many major fiber optic cable manufacturing companies acquiring several equipment patents.

Brian Franklin, owner and founder of the group, has been working in the fiber optic cable field since 1981 with three major fiber optic cabling facilities. He organized/led/created products for three fiber optic cable plant start-ups and has manufactured cabling equipment for all work centers including coloring, buffering, SZ stranding, jacketing and ribbon. Since the startup, franklin solutions has specialized in rebuilding equipment and lines to reduce cost along with time. now with adding the element of installation and complete control integration, franklin solutions can control the project from start to finish. reducing cost and time to finish your project.

FSI Extrusion Inc. is a sister company to Franklin Solutions Inc. FSI produces filler rod and up-jacketing for the cable industry. This allows Franklin solutions and Taymer a test bed for their products and designs.

What We Offer

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We understand requirements

We go above and beyond to making sure your process and production needs are met with the highest level of saftey.

We work with you to save time and cost

We deliver the best output while saving you money

We provide the best service in industry

We really enjoy what we do and take pride in how we do it.